Trump Removal Announcement – Oh No

Just when you thought the left’s obsession with ousting President Trump couldn’t get any more shrill, one House Democrat thinks she’s found a new justification for removing Trump from office.

Rep. Jackie Spierer has warned that if Trump tries to exit NATO — an idea the President has publicly discussed — the government will be forced to boot him from the White House.

“It had better be an idle threat from the president, because I think that act would be so destructive to our country and to our ability to protect the national security of every American that it would be a ground for some profound effort by our part, whether it is impeachment or the 25th Amendment,” Speier, a member of  the House Armed Services Committee, told CNN.

“He can’t do that to this country,” she added. “And I don’t believe he can do it without Senate ratification.”

Exiting NATO may or may not be wise, but Spierer’s solution would upend the entire balance of power between the Executive and Legislative branches.

You can read the full story right here.

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