Trump releases shocking clip – It’s going viral

Everyone knows that the mainstream media makes things up, and when it comes to President Trump, they are no-holds-barred. It’s unusual, though, for a publication like The Wall Street Journal, which generally tends to lean to the political right, to take unwarranted shots at the President. But that’s exactly what Trump believes happened.

In a recent interview, The Journal says that President Trump stated: “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un.” President Trump’s response was that he said: “I’d have a good relationship” instead, implying that it would be possible for that to happen in the future. Now, however, Trump has released the audio of the interview, and it’s gone viral.

Reporters at The Journal stand by their story, and so does Trump. Rather than bicker, wouldn’t it be easier to say that it was a misunderstanding? Who knows, but punching right here seems futile. (Read More…)

Van Jones insults Melania Trump’s home country Slovenia: ‘Not exactly the jewel of Europe’

Enlightened liberals never seem to remember their own rules. It often turns them into hypocrites, but they rarely seem to mind. The media have been especially apoplectic in response to a comment that Trump may or may not have made about supposed “sh–hole” countries.

Van Jones, a liberal political pundit, decided to weigh in as well. Instead of going after Trump, he decided to take out his frustration on the president’s wife, Melania. Because Trump supposedly disparaged some countries, Jones decided to disparage Melania’s. He commented that Slovenia, the country of Melania’s birth, “is not exactly the jewel of Europe.”

Really classy, Van. If you want to attack the President for being critical of allowing people in from countries he doesn’t like, you might not want to engage in the same sort of commentary. And using Melania, a law-abiding citizen who has contributed to the U.S. as your point of comparison doesn’t make much sense. But I guess that’s to be expected. (Read More…)

‘Fawning’ Letterman-Obama Netflix interview gets roasted by negative reviews

In 2014, David Letterman left The Late Show on CBS after 33 years of hosting. Apparently, he wasn’t done in show business. His new multi-episode show on Netflix entitled My Next Guest Needs no Introduction is intended to be an interview-based show that focuses on high-profile guests like Jay-Z, Howard Stern, and George Clooney.

The show just debuted its first episode with Letterman interviewing former-President Obama. Unlike his lauded late night show, however, Letterman’s first Netflix show did not garner much acclaim.

Critics said his interview was “fawning” and an “appreciation session” where Obama and Letterman indulged themselves by complimenting one another’s children. In this instance, the critics are correct.

For example, take Letterman’s doting on Obama’s “odyssey” of a life, and commenting on how “well-written” Obama’s autobiography Dreams from My Father was. If you’re going to interview serious guests, Dave, it might be worth asking a few difficult questions. On top of being interesting, it’s often what the public actually wants to see and hear. (Read More…)

U.S. airstrike launched on terrorists after apparent ‘insider attack’ in Afghanistan

There was a recent attack in Afghanistan against NATO forces. Military officials described it as a “bait-and-switch” operation where insurgents posed as local militia members and lured a militia leader and a U.S. service member (with an Afghan translator) into a meeting. After the meeting the insurgents opened fire, killing the militia leader and wounding the American and his translator.

Under Trump’s administration, this sort of thing doesn’t go unpunished. Taliban leaders claimed responsibility for the attack, and American military forces responded with an airstrike, killing 10 insurgents.

America’s enemies should beware, particularly under this administration. Provocations and violence against U.S. servicemembers will be responded to in-kind. (Read More…)

At least 20 dead in California, including children, in catastrophic mudslides

California has been getting pummelled recently. For years, it was experiencing a severe drought. The drought seems to have receded, right in time for forest fires to ignite large swathes of the state in flame. Two enormous forest fires engulfed the state over the summer, one of which was the most deadly and destructive in the state’s history, while the other was the largest ever, geographically.

Just when the risk of wildfire appeared to be over, heavy rains washed mud from the hills into the Santa Barbara County community of Montecito just east of Santa Barbara. As of this moment, 20 people have died and 4 are missing. If the situation weren’t tragic enough, reports show that children were some of the victims of the mudslides.

California desperately needs some respite from these environmental disasters. I’ll be keeping the residents of the Golden State in my prayers. (Read More…)

‘Trump’s Nightmare’ report: House GOP may lose dozens of seats

President Trump has certainly had some great successes in his first year, but there could be a political catastrophe on the horizon. Just about every president sees a turnover from their political party to the opposing party during the midterm elections, averaging a loss of about 32 seats in the House.

Axios, a political news site, predicts that Republicans have a considerable chance of losing upwards of 40 seats in the 2018 midterm. Their analysts believe a bad outcome for the GOP is very likely, but they may not be factoring in a variety of events, including sex scandals involving Democrats that could shift the equation. Not to mention that the one thing we’ve learned in the last year or so is that predictions made by experts often don’t seem to pan out.

There’s little choice but to try and be optimistic, and get out and vote for good Republicans. (Read More…)

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