Donald Trump receives urgent warning

Rep. Trey Gowdy is generally a good barometer of what’s going on in Congress. When he relays his concern about something or someone, you know there’s good reason to listen. He doesn’t sensationalize, and he calls it like it is. This has definitely been the case with the Mueller investigation. So far, Gowdy has shown sincere concern over the impartiality in the FBI and DOJ, but he’s given Mueller latitude in the probe.

But Gowdy also gave President Trump an important warning. Although Gowdy would like to hear what Trump would say to Mueller in an interview, he believes it would be a terrible decision for the president. There’s a political component to the investigation, he continued, and Democrats want to impeach him (and some have voted to do so twice).

This is all to say that even if Mueller is impartial — and many don’t believe he is — the jury is not. And we all know that Congressional Democrats are anything but. They’ve had one goal in mind since November 2016: impeach and remove the President of the United States by any means possible. (Read More…)

Former Missouri Democrat leader pleads guilty to corruption

Mike Sanders just pleaded guilty to a felony charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud after he was caught attempting to divert campaign funds for personal use. Sanders was at one time a chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party and also a prosecutor in Missouri.

The local newspaper referred to Sanders’ misuse of funds as the tale of “the arrogance of a public official who apparently came to believe his personal decisions were above public scrutiny.” Well yes, he is a Democrat, isn’t that just redundant? (Read More…)

George Soros says Facebook and Google are doomed

This story is somewhat surprising. George Soros may have unwittingly given conservatives some good news. While in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum, Soros said that he believes tech giants like Google and Facebook won’t last very long.

Their tech monopoly “will be broken” he said, going so far as to say “their days are numbered.” Many conservatives would see this as a solid development, but unfortunately, that’s not everything.

Soros said that big tech companies have become so important as distributors of information that they need to be regulated like public utilities. This is where it gets worrying — if he’s correct. Regulations often reflect the particular person or party in power, rather than the public good. It’s difficult to know what’s worse, the current content regulators of major social media outlets or a bunch of bureaucrats. I’m not sure if I want to find out. (Read More…)

Vladimir Putin arrests opposition leader as thousands protest Russian election

Speaking of excessive government intervention and crackdowns on freedom: Vladimir Putin just made the news again. His primary competition in the next Russian election, Alexei Navalny, was just arrested by Russian authorities. Navalny ran on an anti-corruption platform which clearly upset Putin and other Kremlin hardliners.

Navalny was released but must attend court proceedings soon and faces up to 30 days in jail. Navalny is somewhat of a symbol for free and fair elections in Russia. He’s supported by a variety of political factions simply because he opposes the autocratic rule of Putin and the Kremlin. I would like to say that I’m hopeful that a more free society will develop in Russia, but there’s not much evidence that it’s on the horizon just yet. (Read More…)

Old video reveals Obama destroying the liberal narrative against Trump’s tax cuts

As Nancy Pelosi’s visions of tax reform Armageddon continue, more evidence of Democrat hypocrisy is resurfacing. President Obama from 2012 sounds much more conservative than the far-left radical he left office as.

In a video recording of a campaign speech, President Obama is talking about how important a $40 savings on payroll taxes goes a long way for American families; to help pay for rent, groceries, or gas.

When the projected savings of Americans was released a few weeks ago showing that the average family would keep at least an extra $1000, Nancy Pelosi called the savings “crumbs.” Get it together, Democrats, is getting to keep more of what you earned better or worse for hard-working Americans? Conservatives already know the answer, it’s always better. We can spend our own money more effectively than bureaucrats. (Read More…)

FBI text shows Loretta Lynch knew Hillary would not be indicted – beforehand

Remember when Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona to discuss, I don’t know… the weather? Well, she was almost definitely confirming something that every conservative already knew — Hillary Clinton was never going to be indicted. And over the last few weeks, the most logical reason for this development has become clear: because former President Obama was also implicated in Hillary’s email server scandal.

So Hillary was saved from an indictment, Obama was saved from a tarnished record, and President Trump was surveilled and investigated without any good justification. Doesn’t sound like justice to me. (Read More…)

Sign the Conservative Institute petition to create term limits! 

The American Republican system of government was designed to be ruled by citizen politicians. Congressmen were expected to serve their term and then return to their homes. “Politics” was not designed to be a career; it was expected to be a calling.

Now, career politicians are corrupting every piece of the political system. The longer they serve, the more untouchable they become – and they know it.

The only solution to our current problems is term limits for all members of Congress. This is a bi-partisan project for Americans of every walk of life. Join me in signing the Conservative Institute petition to create term limits and help us make government accountable to the people again! (Read More…)


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