Trump receives horrifying threat – on live TV

Liberals are really losing it over the recent FISA memo. Even the ones who should know better can’t seem to help themselves. Commentators, politicians, and even former government officials have been attacking the Republicans for simply informing the American people about what’s happening in their government.

One particularly disturbing reaction to the FISA memo’s release came from a former intelligence agent, Phil Mudd, now a CNN pundit. On The News Room, Mudd said that the FBI would respond to President Trump releasing the memo by thinking: “You’ve been around for 13 months; we’ve been around since 1908. I know how this game is going to be played, and we’re going to win.”

Mudd’s Twitter feed is full of nonsense, so of course, he’s a perfect guest on CNN. If Mudds sentiment is actually what the FBI agents feel, then it exposes how corrupt they’ve become. They’re a federal law enforcement agency, not a gang, and Americans are allowed to question them. (Read More…)

Geraldo Rivera: The FISA memo could be the end of Mueller’s Russia investigation

On Fox and Friends, just prior to the FISA memo being released, Geraldo Rivera predicted that the memo could spell the death of the Mueller probe. Of course, it was released just last Friday, so we don’t know what will be the outcome just yet, but it certainly paints a terrible picture of the FBI and DOJ.

One detail in the memo has made news over the weekend for supposedly being incorrect. According to the memo, the FBI and DOJ withheld the political origins of the Steele Dossier. However, DOJ officials claimed that they did tell the judge who granted the warrant where the intel came from.

I’m not sure that this really makes the situation much better. It just means one more entity (a federal judge) who permitted this investigation to commence from unsubstantiated claims. (Read More…)

Justice Ginsburg vows to keep serving on the Supreme Court – no foreseeable retirement

This isn’t very surprising, but it is a little disappointing. Justice Ginsburg has reaffirmed her previous commitment to serving as long as she can (read: until a Democrat is the President). Ginsburg has been an ardent opponent of President Trump, and his victory seems to have inspired her to keep working.

At age 84, Ginsburg is the oldest justice, followed by Justice Kennedy who is 81. Supreme Court Justices are provided lifetime tenure unless they’re mentally unfit for the job. Ginsburg says she’ll continue to serve until she can’t work “full steam” anymore. (Read More…)

Russian military jet shot down in Syria – pilot dead

While flying a mission over the al-Qaida controlled region of Syria, a Russian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet was shot down by a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile. When the jet was hit, the pilot was able to eject, and actually made it safely to the ground. But his ordeal was only just beginning.

On the ground, he engaged in a firefight with militants for a short time before eventually being overcome by his enemies. Images from the site depict a bearded gunman standing over the pilot’s body. It’s truly harrowing. The Russian military responded quickly by launching a salvo of cruise missiles from naval vessels anchored in the Mediterranean Sea. (Read More…)

Democrat Texas state judge arrested by the feds near Mexico border

Rudolfo Delgado, a Democrat state judge of the 93rd District in Texas, was just arrested by the FBI. Federal agents conducted raids at Delgado’s home and office last week and subsequently arrested the judge. The Bureau has not announced why he’s been arrested or with what he’s being charged.

The last year or so has seen numerous Democrats arrested for corruption scandals in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and other states. Corruption charges and a variety of sexual assault and abuse cases have given the party a black eye. We’ll undoubtedly learn soon what Delgado has been charged with, but it clearly doesn’t look good for him. (Read More…)

Israel’s PM announces that George Soros is behind protests of Israel’s plan to deport asylum seekers

Rather than respect national sovereignty, George Soros seems determined to disrupt wherever possible. Israel has decided that it wants to limit the number of asylum seekers from Africa that it is permitting through its borders, but Soros doesn’t like their decision. So in response, he has funded and supported non-governmental organizations fighting Israel’s deportation efforts.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has openly stated that Soros is supporting protests in Israel against the deportation operations. Soros is worth billions. If he really wants to help refugees and asylum seekers, why not go to their countries and try to address their problems directly? Advocating for constant immigration doesn’t solve problems, it merely relocates them. Soros knows this, but his goal isn’t to help people, it’s to create discord. (Read More…)

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