Trump Receives Disturbing Warning

Texans are tough and they don’t mince words. Rep. Louie Gohmert, Republican from the 1st congressional district, is no exception to this rule.

Gohmert said on “Fox and Friends” that he thinks Special Counsel Mueller is “out for a scalp.” “He’d love to get POTUS … he’d love to be the hero of the left to take out Donald Trump.” Gohmert goes right for the throat, but he’s right.

The investigation has dragged on for months and what’s the result? A whole bunch of nothing. Yet according to reports, Mueller intends to drag on the investigation another year. It sure seems like Mueller enjoys the spotlight, and in today’s media world, nothing ensures the spotlight more than attacking president Trump. Keep telling it like it is, Rep. Gohmert. (Read More…)

Rev. Graham slams Rosie O’Donnell: “You don’t have the keys to hell”

Rosie better learn how to bob and weave, because she’s had some haymakers thrown at her in the last few weeks. Deservedly so, after she attempted to bribe two U.S. Senators to vote against the GOP’s tax bill.

She doubled down (on Christmas no less) by tweeting at Rep. Paul Ryan, telling him not to “talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation – u will go straight to hell u screwed up fake altar boy.”

O’Donnell is unhinged, and we’ve known this for years, but her recent outbursts are just absurd. Does she actually think that allowing people to keep more of the money that they earn will land someone in hell? (Probably, she’s pretty out there.)

The Rev. Franklin Graham wasn’t having Rosie’s nonsense though. He tweeted in response “Rosie, you don’t have the keys to hell… clean up your mouth” and “put your faith in Jesus Christ.” (Read More…)

Viral Photo Reveals the Difference Between Trump and Other Presidents

Check out this photo demonstrating the difference between Trump and his predecessors. In short, he takes care of business.

Pro-Trump, never-Trump, sometimes-Trump, it doesn’t matter. No one can deny that the Donald has been getting things done. He isn’t perfect, but he’s gotten more accomplished in one year than most presidents do in an entire four-year term.

A Supreme Court appointment, dozens of federal court appointments, hundreds of burdensome regulations slashed, ISIS crushed, Jerusalem recognized as the Capitol of Israel, a tax reform bill enacted, and the end of Obamacare’s individual mandate. That’s quite the list.

Conservatives haven’t seen this many wins since Reagan. If Trump stays focused, he has time to surpass Reagan’s legislative record. (Read More…)

North Korea preparing to launch satellite into orbit to defy the U.S. and Trump

Rocket Man might soon be “Satellite Man.” Intelligence reports out of South Korea indicate that the North Koreans are planning to launch a satellite into orbit.

This could provide the Kim Jong Un’s regime with new recon technology, making it easier for them to launch deadly attacks against South Korea, the United States, and other allies. Clearly, Kim is not happy about the recent sanctions slapped on his country by the United Nations.

The vote to enact those sanctions was initiated, of course, by Nikki Haley, Trump’s appointment as U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. North Korea is propped up by Chinese diplomatic power, resources, and money. But if Trump keeps pushing on the crumbling Kim regime, it might just fall over. (Read More…)

Report: FBI admits they can’t verify dossier claims of Russian collusion

Stop the presses, the FBI just verified the obvious! After roughly 17 months, the FBI still can’t confirm that the information in the infamous Trump Dossier is true. This is, conveniently, after a second investigation was launched at least in part due to the dossier that has only been discredited so far.

Worse, some people think the dossier was what Peter Strzok, the disgraced FBI investigator, referred to as the Bureau’s ‘insurance policy.’ That sentiment was conveyed in a text message between Strzok and his extramarital partner and co-worker, Lisa Page.

That’s just about as swampy as it gets, isn’t it? (Read More…)

Liberal media spreads nasty ‘fake news’ story about Melania

Donald Trump popularized the term “fake news” because he and his family were subjected to such ridiculous media coverage prior to being elected. As we all know, it’s only gotten worse since his inauguration.

Here’s a pretty good example. A dying 200-year-old tree on the White House grounds had to be removed because it posed a risk to the surrounding area. Mainstream media outlets ran headlines in unison, writing variations of “Melania orders 200-year old tree destroyed.” Social media ignited with hateful responses against Melania, and #savethetree started trending.

Framing is essential here. During the Obama years, if this story were even covered, the media would have written headlines like “Michelle Obama mourns the loss of historic White House tree.” Although the media was technically accurate in its headlines, it’s the omitted context that matters. That, my friends, is why it’s called “fake news.” (Read More…)

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