Trump PULLED THE PLUG – Democrats Are Howling…

Nearly 900 abortion clinics have lost federal funding since the Trump administration changed a rule and prevented health care providers from referring patients for abortion services. Title X provided low-cost health services to women, but not abortions.

The clinics would refer women elsewhere for abortion services, which is no longer allowed under Title X. These clinics refused to comply, and no longer get any federal funding. Now five states have no Title X clinics, and women have to drive hundreds of miles in order to get an abortion.

“It will simply be impossible for other health centers to fill the gap,” acting Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson said. Other liberals are now saying low income women of color will be most impacted by the change.

Maybe Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry will be able to get out from under the label of being racist now, since black babies are aborted at much greater rates than other racial groups.

Instead of bemoaning the other services low income women can’t get from these clinics, why not just stop referring for abortions? Then you would have plenty of funding for these other priorities.

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