Trump Launches Plan To Take Down His Biggest Enemies

This could be a game changer. President Trump has been under attack by the deep state since the day he was inaugurated. The administrative state and intelligence agencies have leaked information, fought the President’s agenda, disobeyed new agency heads, and actively worked to undermine the President’s legitimacy. This level of disloyalty is unprecedented.

There are unsubstantiated reports out about a program allegedly being considered by President Trump and CIA director Mike Pompeo that would create a covert intelligence agency answering only to them. This plan would use a group of global intelligence agents, acting as a shadow intelligence agency, to keep watch over the intelligence apparatus that has seemingly turned against the President. Of course, there are plenty of concerns here, but the idea is interesting. (Read More…)

GOP bill gives jail time to sanctuary city officials who defy federal law

It’s about time some legislators start acting on Trump’s agenda. A new bill introduced by Rep. Todd Rokita of Indiana would result in jail time for officials who refuse to abide by federal immigration law and permit the creation or continuation of sanctuary cities. Attacking their funding doesn’t seem to have worked, so maybe it’s time to hold the people responsible directly accountable.

With the unjust ruling in the Kate Steinle case, it’s never been more necessary. For those who don’t know, Steinle was killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times for criminal activity but was being sheltered in a sanctuary city. If city officials faced jail time for sheltering murderous criminals like Steinle’s killer, perhaps they would think twice. (Read More…)

Jane Fonda tells Colin Kaepernick: “Keep kneeling until you can stand”

Jane Fonda, yet again, has waded into politics and the culture wars for reasons no one understands. At the Bill of Rights Gala, where Colin Kaepernick, kneeler extraordinaire, was being honored, Jane told him to ‘kneel until [he] can stand.’

The Left does not seem to have learned why the Democratic Party lost the presidential race in 2016, and why there’s been a decade-long decline in their representation in state governments. It is, in part, because Americans don’t want to listen to this anymore. (Read More…)

NFL deal would shuffle millions to Soros-linked groups

More is being revealed about the NFL’s scheme to shift money that it donates to charitable causes into new organizations linked with George Soros. Soros, the billionaire who seems to enjoy chaos in the streets, is tied to a variety of social justice organizations to which the NFL announced it would donate. It seems that this scheme was an attempt to bribe its activist players into standing for their own country’s anthem.

One of the saddest parts of this idea is that it moves money from charitable causes like veterans programs, into these new social justice organizations. The scheme probably won’t work, but the NFL doesn’t seem to get it. Threaten the players where it hurts; their wallets. That’ll get them back in line. (Read More…)

Donald Trump: ‘Hillary lied many times to the FBI, nothing happened to her’

An old adage about the law is that it must be applied equally to everyone. If the law isn’t applied equally, it ceases to be good law. Why, then, is this constantly the case in Washington? So many seem to be above the law, but few are as far above as the Clintons.

Trump associates like Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort have been indicted for making false statements to the FBI while they were being vetted for Trump’s campaign. They’re now facing jail time and fines. Hillary and her associates lied about her email server, Benghazi, and who knows what else, and yet they sit comfortably outside of prison.

Let’s not forget Bill’s shady dealings in Russia and the pay-to-play scheme of the Clinton charities. If the swamp is going to be drained, it’ll be because everyone is subject to the law, and people aren’t selectively prosecuted. (Read More…)

MSNBC’s Joy Reid forced to apologize for appalling blog posts

More hypocrisy over at MSNBC. Joy Reid, a network anchor, recently had an internet sleuth reveal an ugly chapter from her past. It turns out that in 2007, Reid wrote anti-gay blog posts about former-Florida governor Charlie Christ, who was at that time a Republican. Reid called Charlie ‘Miss Charlie’ and claimed he married his wife to hide his homosexuality. ‘Miss Charlie’ forgave Reid on Twitter, likely because they’re now on the same side of the political aisle.

Aren’t these people supposed to be the protectors of minorities and the oppressed? Or is that just a political ploy to get votes and influence? No need to answer, we already know. (Read More…)

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