Trump Notified By Secret Investigator – He Found It

A secret investigation has come forward to notify President Trump. He just dropped a bombshell  — what he found is stunning.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, declared on ‘Justice with Judge Jeannine’ that Trump is a “victim” and should “lodge a criminal complaint” with the FBI over the Mueller witch-hunt.

Fitton mentioned disgraced bureaucrats “like Peter Strzok and people like that who abused their offices for political purposes. They victimized him and many others. There’s got to be criminal accountability.”

Fitton is absolutely right. Now that Mueller’s sham of an investigation is finally over and Democrats have nothing to show for their lies, it’s time to drain the swamp once more.

Anyone who helped push the ‘collusion’ narrative — from the highest levels of the Department of Justice and down — should be investigated. Many still cannot let go.

As Fitton explained, “They’re trying desperately to hold on to and keep propped up their hoax. And it was a knowing lie in my view.”

See the full story here.

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