Trump Makes Shock Opioid Decision – He’s ENDING It

President Trump just made a shocking decision about the opioid crisis. He is ending it once and for all, and Washingon has been rocked by his plan.

In a major announcement, the Trump Administration is allocating nearly $2 billion to states as part of a concerted effort to combat and defeat the opioid epidemic that is destroying families and communities nationwide.

Trump remarked that “we have all done a very good job” with the initiative so far. As the process moves forward, he also expressed confidence that the problem would become “much more manageable” and “smaller.”

Opioid addiction and overdoses have become a major public health concern. In 2016 alone, overdoses “accounted for more than 42,000 deaths … more than any previous year on record,” reports the Department of Health and Human Services.

States have largely been in the driver’s seat on fighting this menace, however, the federal government has stepped up — especially during the Trump Administration — to help states with the effort through grants and other support systems.

The nearly $2 billion — $1.8 billion, to be exact — appropriated by Congress for this continued effort will go a long way towards eventually resolving the problem and keeping our loved ones safe.

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