President Trump Makes Shocking McCain Move

‘Tis the season for making amends. Politics is a contact sport in which friends are hard to make and enemies are everywhere. At the end of the day, however, despite how serious our differences are, we’re all human beings trying to make the best of our time here. It’s inspiring when our politicians know where to draw the line and recognize what’s really important.

Sen. John McCain and President Trump have been anything but friendly since Trump announced he would be running for office back in 2015. But recently, McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer, and his treatment has been very difficult. Lately, his colleagues in the Senate have noticed his illness taking a toll on the 81-year-old veteran. President Trump, in a show of compassion, reached out to Sen. McCain’s wife to give her his support and best wishes. At the end of the day, . (Read More…)

Trump lawyer: Robert Mueller violated law to obtain transition team emails

This could end up being really big. Mueller’s Russian investigation has been plagued with accusations of bias and corruption for weeks now. Now, Trump’s attorney just dropped what could be a bombshell. He’s claiming that Mueller’s team misrepresented itself when it requested documents from the Trump transition team.

So far, attorneys for the FBI investigation have denied the charges entirely, saying that the agreement they had with the General Services Agency that provides resources for the transition was legal. But Mueller’s team had no warrant or subpoenas, and, according to Trump’s attorney, they lied about what they planned on doing with the documents and emails. If Mueller’s team seized evidence illegally, they might as well just start packing up shop now. (Read More…)

Democrat leader wants the United Nations to deploy troops – on U.S. soil

Just when you think Democrats have reached the pinnacle of nonsense, you’re proven wrong. A Chicago Democrat named Richard Boykin said recently that he would like to have United Nations peacekeeping forces on the ground in Chicago.

The situation in Chicago is dire, there’s no doubt. There were just shy of 640 murders there in 2017; it’s a nightmare of a city. Locals call it “Chi-raq” because of its similarities to war-torn Iraq.

The solution to all of Chicago’s issues, however, isn’t to bring troops into the city… particularly troops that aren’t American. Adding French and German-speaking soldiers into the mix is unlikely to help anyone. Maybe what Chicago really needs is a police force that is empowered to do their jobs and bring criminals to justice. (Read More…)

Trey Gowdy says corrupt FBI official could be gone within days

Andrew McCabe, the second-highest ranking official in the FBI, is in some seriously hot water. Texts sent from one of his subordinates, Peter Strzok, to Strzok’s mistress (also a subordinate) have made McCabe look pretty bad. The texts imply that high ranking officials within the FBI wanted to create an ‘insurance policy’ to ensure Donald Trump wouldn’t be able to become president. Or if he became president, that he wouldn’t last very long.

When these texts were revealed last week, Congressman Trey Gowdy had some choice words for McCabe. In an interview on Fox News, he said he would “be a little surprised if [McCabe] were still an employee of the FBI next week.” Hopefully he’s right. (Read More…)

Famous former sheriff Joe Arpaio is thinking about running for Senate

Sheriff Joe Arpaio might be attempting a comeback. After Trump’s pardon earlier this year, Arpaio has been in retirement, but that could change soon. Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake announced his pending retirement recently, which leaves his seat open. Will Arpaio try to fill it?

Flake became ardently anti-Trump over the last year. He used his resignation as an opportunity to attack President Trump and put forth his own version of “conservatism” in opposition to Trump’s. In truth, Flake’s approval ratings were dropping quickly, and his retirement had more to do with political realities than principled stands. Sheriff Joe might be contender for Flake’s old seat. (Read More…)

Report: Chris Matthews accused of sexual harassment – payments were made

More of the same here, unfortunately. A recent report shows that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was accused of sexual harassment back in 1999 and settled the case for $40,000. The details on the claim are obviously limited by the settlement agreement, so his accuser can’t tell the full story. What we do know is that Matthews was accused of making inappropriate comments to his alleged victim.

Matthews himself has a long history of creepy and offensive comments; most notably when he was caught on a hot mic commenting on Ivanka Trump’s gait during the 2016 campaign. Sexual harassment in the media is clearly a major problem, but it’s not a surprise to the networks, who have long tolerated the antics of stars like Mathews and Matt Lauer. When Fox News had a string of harassment scandals a couple years back, leftist media organizations tut-tutted about how gross and scandalous it was. Now we know that was blatant hypocrisy. (Read More…)

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