Trump Makes Major Move Against UN

This past week has been a happy one for President Trump and his administration. Not only did the Senate pass a major tax reform bill, but Trump is fulfilling more campaign promises. Yesterday, the Trump administration announced plans to withdraw from the United Nations’ immigration pact so that America can determine its own policies for dealing with migration. This is why President Trump won, liberals.

We’re finished being told what to do with our country and with our immigration policy. We don’t care if Europeans want to ruin their countries with unfettered immigration. America is putting Americans first, and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Read More…)

Liberals demand John McCain die after his tax bill vote

Sen. John McCain may not be the favorite Republican politician of well… anyone. But, he’s still a war hero and a good man, even if he’s a bit misguided. Liberals, however, don’t care about any of that. McCain has sided with them against Trump in a few instances; if you followed liberal twitter after McCain’s Obamacare vote, you’d think he was the statesman of the century.

But the liberal mob is fickle and they did a 180-degree turn this week. To the surprise of no one, he voted the GOP party line this week on the tax reform bill in the Senate.

Rather than calmly disagree with the senator, liberals took to Twitter to denounce him and wish death upon him. One particularly terrible person hoped he’d die slowly of brain cancer — you know, the disease from which he currently suffers. Wonderful sentiments delivered right as we near Christmas, no less. Stay classy, liberals. (Read More…)

South Korean hit squad created to ‘take out’ Kim Jong Un

South Korea isn’t messing around. After North Korea’s test missile launch last week, South Korea has announced that a new military unit they’ve been assembling for years is now operational. This special-forces type ‘Decapitation unit’ is focused primarily around killing Kim Jong Un, the infamous North Korean dictator we now know as ‘Rocket Man.’ The team is supposedly ready on a moment’s notice to deploy and accomplish their mission.

Tensions in the region are seriously heating up, and both sides are flexing some military muscle. This one bears watching. (Read More…)

Donald Trump smashes Michelle Obama’s ‘lunch rules’ once and for all

President Trump’s administration has slowly been undoing a host of burdensome regulations since he took office. Considering the danger the regulatory state poses to our freedoms, this is something for which we should all be thankful. One initiative he’ll be working to repeal began in the mind of Michelle Obama; the school lunch standards of the previous administration.

Healthy food, healthy kids, smarter kids, right? Well, not when most kids refuse to eat the meals because they dislike the way they taste. That means hungry kids who perform poorly. Not quite what was intended, was it Michelle? How about we have the feds meddle a bit less and let the states run their own school lunch programs? (Read More…)

Trump admin deploys fighter jets in South Korea as show of U.S. strength

With South Korea’s escalation comes America’s follow up. Our President, unlike some of his predecessors, protects his allies with American might and rhetoric. The military just sent advanced aircraft, such as the F-22 Raptor stealth jets, to South Korea. They’ll join other stealth aircraft, bombers, and more standard fighting aircraft for joint exercises with South Korean forces.

Along with the aircraft, 12,000 American military personnel will be participating in the maneuvers, demonstrating to North Korea and Kim Jong Un that America and its allies are not to be provoked without a strong response. (Read More…)

Trump says ‘rigged system’ targeted Flynn – but it’s Hillary who is guilty

Make way for a Trump smackdown. The President tweeted yesterday morning about Gen. Michael Flynn’s plea deal.

We all remember the Clinton email scandal, right? How about when Hillary breached every security protocol in the book, holding classified and top secret information on a personal server in a bathroom? And when she got off without so much as a slap on the wrist after FBI director James Comey mismanaged virtually every aspect of the investigation? President Trump remembers too.

Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI and a variety of other intelligence agencies. She lied before, during, and after the FBI investigation. This is exactly what Gen. Flynn just confessed to in a plea deal with the FBI working under the authority of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. So why is Flynn facing 5 years in jail but Hillary is traveling around making speeches and selling her terrible book?

How did that chant go? ‘Lock her up’? Maybe it’s time to bring this one back. (Read More…)

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