Trump Launches Massive Airstrikes – Entire World Stunned

President Trump isn’t phased by Democrats trying to distract him with witch hunts and obstruction in Congress — he won’t be deterred from defending America. He just proved this once again with a massive airstrike against our enemies.

In eastern Syria, forces backed and led by the United States bombed the last known hideout of the Islamic State in the area as militant fighters made their final stand. It is being reported that at least 5,000 jihadists have surrendered since January.

Unlike Obama, President Trump is taking a proactive approach to Islamic terrorism around the world, especially in hotbeds where ISIS has found refuge. Trump’s critics claimed he abandoned Syria and he has proved them wrong.

According to Kino Gabriel, the spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), it could take several more days before the operation ends. “I hope it won’t take more than a week but this is a personal estimate,” he said.

In addition to the estimated 5,000 ISIS fighters who have surrendered, a staggering 30,000 members of the terrorist group and their families have called it quits and surrounded to US-backed forces. The operation has been nothing short of a success.

It is unfortunate and telling that our mainstream media has buried this story. Instead, they’re more concerned with Robert Mueller’s sham ‘collusion’ investigation and other fake controversies.

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