Trump Just Went Public – Tells Everything

President Trump just went public and exposed traitors right here in our own country. He isn’t letting them get away with undermining America.

Trump tweeted, “For the Democrats to interview in open hearings a convicted liar & fraudster, at the same time as the very important Nuclear Summit with North Korea, is perhaps a new low in American politics and may have contributed to the ‘walk.'”

“Never done when a president is overseas. Shame!” Trump’s tweet concluded. He is, of course, speaking about Michael Cohen, his former attorney, being brought before Congress and him having to ‘walk’ from intense negotiations with North Korea on the same day.

This has been the Democrats’ calling card ever since Trump became president: Do everything possible to distract and otherwise prevent him from doing his job. Their biggest weapon has been the ongoing, meritless witch hunt against him.

When asked about Cohen’s testimony, Trump said, “I wasn’t able to watch too much because I’ve been a little bit busy, but I think having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing.”

Trump had just ended the summit with Kim Jong-un and was fielding questions in Hanoi, meaning he hadn’t even made it home before being bombarded by the media about Cohen’s hearing — something that should’ve never happened in the first place.

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