Trump Just Gave Tucker Carlson The Breaking News… It’s Huge

President Trump just gave Fox News superstar Tucker Carlson the breaking news. What he revealed on national television is huge, and it could be about to make history.

Since before Trump was elected, he’s been calling for China to be held accountable for taking advantage of America on trade. But it sounds like the ice is thawing in his strong negotiations with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

When asked by Carlson whether they were nearing a trade deal, Trump said, “I think so. We had a very good meeting. He wants to make a deal. I want to make a deal.” Then he elaborated even further.

“Very big deal,” Trump continued. “I guess you’d say the largest deal ever made of any kind, not only trade.” To be sure, to have a deal with China before his first term ends would be monumental.

When you start counting all of Trump accomplishment over the past two and a half years, there’s no reason to believe he won’t follow through. If negotiations falter, it will be China’s fault for being a bad actor.

However, it sounds like they’ve forged a relationship for the long haul. Trump said they “got along very well” during their meeting. “We understand each other,” he said. This can only be good news.

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