Trump Just Gave The Order – Goodbye, Bill Clinton

President Donald Trump wants to know whether former President Bill Clinton ever visited Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, as some Epstein accusers have claimed, Real Clear Politics reported.

Trump was asked by reporters whether he thought the Clintons were really involved in the death of Epstein after he retweeted a Twitter post insinuating that the former president and presidential candidate had had Epstein killed, ostensibly to prevent him from telling authorities what he might know about Bill Clinton’s participation in his alleged sex trafficking operations.

“When they checked the plane logs, Bill Clinton who was a very good friend of Epstein, he was on the plane about 27 or 28 times. So why did he say four times? And then the question you have to ask is did Bill Clinton go to the island?” Trump said in answer to the question.

“If you find that out, you’re going to know a lot,” Trump continued. “Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you.”

Now that the FBI has raided Epstein’s island and there are rumors that Epstein was keeping dirt on his “friends”, it’s more apparent than ever that Bill Clinton could be in serious trouble.

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