Trump Just Did The Unthinkable – People Are Losing Their Minds

President Trump just issued a stunning notice and people are losing their minds. He did something his critics said he would never do, and now they’re eating their own words.

As a result of the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash that took the lives of over 150 souls, Trump has released an emergency order to ground all Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The same kind of plane crashed back in Oct. 2018, resulting in nearly 190 dead.

Several countries have already banned the aircraft from their airspace, at least temporarily, in order to conduct an investigation into whether the plane itself has fundamental design problems and therefore caused these crashes.

Trump’s order has come as a shock to liberals. In fact, the failing New York Times published a Reuters piece about the ties between Trump and Boeing’s CEO immediately following a phone conversation the two had after the crash.

The intent, of course, was to cast doubt on whether Trump would move forward with the order while an investigation into the aircraft continued. Trump proved his critics wrong once again and did exactly the right thing in this situation.

Where are liberals going to admit that Trump isn’t intimidated by powerful CEOs or politicians? As president, he’s proven his commitment to protecting Americans no matter the personal cost. That’s leadership.

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