Trump Just Did The Unthinkable – Media Is…

Mainstream news media that eagerly spread fears of an alleged decrease in federal tax refunds have largely gone silent — now that new details contradicting their anti-Trump narrative have emerged.

IRS data shows that the average February tax return actually increased, from $3,103 in 2018 to $3,143 in 2019.

Even better is the fact that Trump’s tax reform bill also lowered withholding taxes throughout 2018, resulting in an overall substantial tax cut.

This newest data is cause for cautious celebration, but don’t expect liberal journalists to break out the cake and ice cream when they’ve been deprived of a chance to demonize President Trump’s tax reform bill.

For example, the Associated Press hit piece, “I owe how much? Americans shocked by impact of new tax law,” has suddenly become a prime candidate for the retraction bin.

Even so, what gets lost in the media sensationalism is the fact that, high or low, tax returns are useless as a barometer of the national tax burden. The returns must be weighed against the withholdings.

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