Trump Jr. Bombshell Shakes D.C. – Wow

Donald Trump Jr. is a favorite target of liberals hoping that Mueller’s witch hunt will eventually take him down, but a bombshell revelation just rocked DC that’s putting the shoe on the other foot for a change. This is huge.

“Collusion? From the DNC? Who could have seen that coming? I look forward to years of investigation till we get some real answers. Fair is fair, right guys?” tweeted Trump Jr., who shared earth-shaking news that Democrats can’t escape.

The news was pointed out by marketer and commentator Yossi Gestetner. In an ironic twist, he dug up articles from CNN and Politico containing solid evidence of the Democratic Party colluding with a foreign power to defeat Trump in 2016.

“CNN reports that DNC Contractor Alexandra Chalupa told DNC operatives that Ukraine offered dirt on the Trump campaign,” Gestetner tweeted. But the rabbit hole goes even deeper than a mere conversation and offer.

He continued, “Chalupa, per @politico, met with Ukrainian diplomats at their DC Embassy where they gave her anti-Manafort docs costing Manafort his job. COLLUSION!” Did the documents in question end up in the hands of Robert Mueller?

Mueller and his team now have one of two choices: Either end their ridiculous witch hunt against Trump and his allies or turn their investigation towards those who have actually committed treason against America.

Read the full story here.

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