BREAKING: Donald Trump Issues Shock Putin Announcement

If you’ve seen the news at all in the last few weeks, you know that the tension between Western nations and Russia has been really heating up. Despite all of the fake news about Trump “colluding” with Russia, the reality is that Trump has actually taken a pretty hard stance against Putin.

President Trump is hedging his bets though, and he’s decided to extend an invitation to Vladimir Putin to a meeting at the White House. Liberals are sure to lose their mind, because, well… that’s what they do.

But Trump knows what he’s doing here. He’s extending an olive branch so that the U.S. won’t be seen as the aggressive while Russia does. Let’s see if Putin knows what’s good for him and comes to the table. (Read More…)

Supreme Court delivers Trump victory on mandatory overtime law

Supreme Court cases are complicated and often seem abstract, but the importance of the decisions the Court makes is enormous. In a new decision, the conservative majority wrote a decision reversing an Obama-era labor ruling.

The new decision exempts some people from a category where their employers were required by law to pay overtime wages. But the law wasn’t meant to cover this group, and liberal judges previously abused their position on the court and decided otherwise.

It’s no wonder the economy was so terrible under Obama. (Read More…)

Melania Trump gifted with ornate egg that opens to reveal a miniature of the Trumps

The First Lady just received a very unusual but beautiful gift. Melania was given a rhinestone encrusted egg by the American Egg Board, the national representative for the egg industry.

When the egg, called “Wings of Prayer” is opened, it reveals miniature versions of the President and Melania and it’s actually pretty stunning. Thank goodness some people properly respect Trump and the lovely First Lady. (Read More…)

Chelsea Clinton’s child hospitalized Monday night

It wasn’t a fun start to the week for Chelsea Clinton. Late Monday night she sent out a tweet saying that she had just returned home from the hospital after a scare.

According to Chelsea, one of her children suffered from an unspecified medical issue. She has an infant son and a three-year-old daughter. She did not say what happened or to which child.

In either event, I’m glad it was resolved well and I wish Chelsea and her children good health. (Read More…)

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