Trump Issued The Order – This Drove The Media Crazy

President Trump refuses to let the mainstream media off easy. Well before he was elected, he was taking the media to task without apology — and he’s done it once again. This drove all of them absolutely nuts.

After Mueller’s report on Russian ‘collusion’ officially became a dud, Trump’s campaign issued a strong challenge to TV producers going forward. The memo called on producers to question “outlandish, false” information spread by liberal guests.

The claims have now been “proven to be false,” the memo read, and as such, “there must be introspection from the media who facilitated the reckless statements and serious evaluation of how such guests are considered and handled in the future.”

Authored by Tim Murtaugh, the campaign’s communications director, the memo also called on the media to “employ basic journalistic standards when booking such guests to appear anywhere in your universe of productions.”

“You should begin by asking the basic question: Does this guest warrant further appearances in our programming, given the outrageous and unsupported claims made in the past?” Murtaugh continued, offering suggestions for improvement.

Unsurprisingly, the liberal media outlets freaked out. Esquire Magazine, for example, ran a story on the memo entitled, ‘The Trump Campaign’s Thuggish Memo Belongs in Every Newsroom’s Garbage Can.’ It doesn’t sound like the lesson is going to take.

Read the full story here.

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