BREAKING: Election Report Stuns Democrats – Trump Is Smiling…

The majority of Americans support commonsense voting laws.

The majority of liberal politicians do not.

Citizens want voters to be required to have ID at the polls.

Liberal politicians do not.

Citizens want to ban vote trafficking.

Liberal politicians do not.

Could that possibly be because implementing these things would make it MUCH harder to Democrats to do well come election day?


Biden’s ending Title 42 with the expectation that 20,000 immigrants per day will come flowing over the border.

And whether they’re here legally or not, who cares? They’ve got votes to cast!

Sure, they can go ahead and cast that vote, as long as they have valid ID, a notion that 84% of this country agrees with.

But since liberal politicians do not agree, the idea of requiring voter ID makes you racist and bigoted, haven’t you heard?

If you ever want to know what’s best for America, just look at what liberals are trying to accomplish. Look at the opposite, and you’ll have your answer.

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