Trump Indictment Announcement – Yikes

The indictment of Roger Stone may be the closest that special counsel Robert Mueller has come to filing charges of Russian collusion, but President Trump wants the public to know he isn’t losing any sleep.

For starters, Trump maintains that Roger Stone never spoke to him about the Wikileaks emails that have become a critical part of the indictment.

More important, Trump says his lawyers have been assured by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that Mueller’s investigation is not even targeting him. If Trump is right, the media’s portrayal of the Russia probe as a fast-track to impeachment proceedings may be yet another example of journalists putting their emotions before the facts.

As for Roger Stone, he has pleaded innocent to seven felonies, including the charge that he lied to Congress about his communications with Wikileaks with regard to stolen Democratic emails hacked by Russians.

Read the full story here.

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