BREAKING: Supreme Court Gets Stunning Request From Biden – Trump Is In SHOCK

Donald Trump did a lot of great things for America, one of his best being the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

“Remain in Mexico” refers to what will be done with criminals who are illegally found crossing our southern border. Trump’s idea was to let the people toil away in Mexico while their cases were being dealt with, as you obviously can’t just release a bunch of people into America because their paperwork is going to take a while.

But that’s EXACTLY what Joe Biden wants to do. In fact, he’s asked the Supreme Court to review whether or not his administration is allowed to remove the Trump-era policy.

You see, Joe Biden needs the votes. He knows that hispanic immigrants, particularily illegal ones, skew toward voting democrat, so why would he EVER kick these people out of the country? The answer is that he won’t, no matter how they got here.

Biden’s plea to the Supreme Court tells you all you need to know. He isn’t interested in what’s best for America. He’s interested in what’s best for his liberal elite friends. Right now, they need voters, because they know they won’t get them from REAL Americans.

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