Trump Impeachment Decision – White House Notified…

A new poll by the liberal Washington Post and ABC News has some bad news for President Trump, but perhaps worse news for Democrats calling for his impeachment.

Only 37 percent (a new low) of respondents supported impeaching Trump, though 47 percent said they believed that Trump committed obstruction of justice.

The results revealed a significant split along party lines, with 62 percent of Democrats favoring impeachment, while only 10 percent of Republicans agreed.

The shift in emphasis from Russian collusion to obstruction comes as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, which found no evidence of collusion but was intentionally vague on the question of obstruction.

This question hinges, in part, on Mueller’s controversially broad definition of obstruction.

Trump continues to dismiss the investigation as a witch hunt, as his accusers find themselves in the awkward position of claiming he obstructed justice to hide a crime the evidence shows he did not commit.

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