Trump Impeachment Announcement – It’s Terrifying

The talk of impeaching President Trump just won’t end, and one man is putting millions of dollars behind the effort to persuade Democrats in Congress to act.

Tom Steyer, a billionaire and environmental activist, plans to spend $40 million this year to promote the idea. He’s publicly declared to Democrat lawmakers, “If you don’t support impeachment, we’re not supporting you.” To be sure, the battle lines are already being drawn leading into the 2020 election — and the topic of impeachment seems to be a high priority for Democrat voters.

One poll taken before the end of 2018 shows that 69 percent of Democrat-aligned voters want the impeachment process to begin. It is this message that Steyer will continue driving home to liberal members of Congress who may be reluctant to move forward, particularly before the Mueller investigation ends. “Human beings who are registered as Democrats are on my side,” Steyer is quoted as saying.

For now, we will see how Steyer’s scorched-earth tactics and well-funded political organization, named Need to Impeach, pay off in the long run. Democrat politicians likely won’t be able to ignore the pull to galvanize their base as the race for the White House heats up once again. Money and power talk.

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