Trump Humiliates Maxine Waters – She Deserved This

Maxine Waters is back at it again in her typical hyperbolic fashion.

The Conservative Tribune quotes her as saying:

“Spineless GOP Senators grew a backbone this week & finally stood up to their Dictator Trump on something: Mexico tariffs, also known as a TAX INCREASE on American consumers. Bet your bottom dollar, Trump will back off by the weekend. Just another bluff!,” she wrote.

Maxine’s Trump derangement syndrome has gone too deep, causing her to always be far off the mark on anything she says. Trump wasn’t bluffing nor did he back off.

NPR reported:

“A day after U.S. and Mexico officials announced an agreement to avert tariffs — set to begin on Monday — affecting billions of dollars in imports from Mexico, President Trump took a victory lap on Twitter.”

Maxine Waters is nothing but bluster.

Trump with his mastery of the art of the deal once again is victorious in both curbing immigration, as well as exposing Maxine Waters a charlatan.

Read the full story here.

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