Trump Gets Revenge, Uses Pelosi’s Sick Order Against Her

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s resolution blocking President Trump’s national emergency declaration may have been intended to humiliate him, but Trump has turned her attack into a fundraising opportunity.

Shortly after  Trump vetoed the bill, which would have revoked his order to allocate millions of dollars toward the border wall, his reelection campaign launched a fundraising appeal.

“The liberal swamp will never learn. That’s why I just VETOED the Pro-Crime, Pro-Drugs, and Pro-Open Borders Democrat inspired resolution,” Trump said.

“We have to do something HUGE to have the resources to fight back,” the message continued. “That’s why I need you to contribute to the most important fund of my presidency – the OFFICIAL WALL DEFENSE FUND.”

Meanwhile, Pelosi did some fundraising of her own, telling supporters, “While our Democratic Majority fights tooth-and-nail for you, Donald Trump and his Republicans are undermining us at every turn. I need you and your $1 to defeat his radical agenda.”

With the rhetoric on both sides as shrill as ever, and with Trump having signed the first veto of his entire presidency, this fight is likely to remain at the forefront going into the 2020 election.

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