Trump Gazes At Cheering Crowd, Makes Stunning Promise…

During his commencement address for the Air Force Academy on Thursday, President Donald Trump made a promise that he would shake hands will every one of the 1,000 cadets graduating–and he kept his promise.

He said that he was told he could just shake the hand of the academy’s top student, or top 50 or 100, but he decided to shake each person’s hand instead. Trump praised the cadets and stayed away from politcial topics.

The president called the academy “amazing” and, as is tradition, pardoned students on restriction for causing mischief.

“To dominate the future, America must rule the skies. And that is what your time at this great academy has been all about – preparing you to do whatever it takes to learn, to adapt and to win, win, win,” he said.

Trump also said that the “sky is never the limit” for the U.S. military and joked that they would get “tired of winning.” ‘You’re gonna win so much, you’re gonna get tired of winning, but not really. Not really. We never get tired of winning. Do we? No?’ Trump finished.

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