Trump Gave The Order… They’re All Gone

A targeted round of ICE deportations began on Sunday in New York City and other locations around the U.S., Fox News reported. Illegal immigrants who have been ordered by the courts to leave the country but have not done so are being deported.

The deportations were delayed for two weeks while Congress tried to work out a plan to fix immigration loopholes, but they were not able to do so to President Donald Trump’s satisfaction.

Many in the media are calling the deportations “raids,” butActing ICE Director Matt Albence said the term is a disservice to what is being done.

“We are doing targeted enforcement actions against specific individuals who have had their day in immigration court and have been ordered to be removed by an immigration judge,” Albence told Fox News’ Griff Jenkins. “We are merely executing those lawfully issued judge’s orders.”

Some of the cities being targeted have said in advance of the deportations that their police forces will not cooperate with ICE because they have been designated sanctuary cities where law enforcement action against illegal immigrants is not pursued.

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