Trump Gave The Order – It Happened, Millions Shocked

President Trump has given the order, and millions of people are stunned. Supporters and critics alike can’t believe what he just did, but it happened.

For a cover photo shoot for Time magazine, Trump chose to honor one of his heroes, Winston Churchill, with Churchill’s classic ‘bulldog pose.’ Trump can be seen sitting on the Resolute Desk confidently.

Trump’s pose recalls a similar photo of Churchill from 1941, in which the famous prime minister puts one hand on his waist and the other firmly planted on his cane. His stare communicates determined and focused leadership.

Trump’s photo is very much the same, with one exception: One his hand is firmly planted on the Resolution Desk. It’s a powerful image and one that could become just as timeless as Churchill’s classic.

In his interview with Time, the president showed that he’s about much more than simply carrying himself with confidence — he’s committed to seeing his vision through and has nothing but love for his supporters.

Typically, presidents running for a second term will make work hard to appeal to skeptical voters. “I think my base is so strong, I’m not sure I have to do that,” said Trump, confidently.

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