Trump Gave The Order… Dozens Arrested

President Trump just gave the order, and dozens have already been arrested. He’s proven his harshest critics wrong once again.

As a result of Trump using tariffs as a negotiating tool with Mexico on the matter or border security, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López has deployed military to the border and arrests have been made.

Most recently, the Mexican National Guard help up a train called “The Beast” full of migrants heading for the U.S. The military arrested at least 25 individuals during the stop.

Democrats and the mainstream media thought Trump was crazy, but he just showed them that sometimes the best negotiation tactic is the strongest one. He knew Mexico wouldn’t be able to handle his tariffs proposal.

Now that Mexico has chosen to work with him — at least for the time being — the country gets to avoid a devastating tariff increase, and the United States receives actual help with border security.

This just goes to show that Trump truly knows the “art of the deal” and show never be underestimated. He spent years negotiating on behalf of his company, and he’s done the same thing for America.

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