Trump Firing Announcement – He Had To…

President Donald Trump has fired some of his internal pollsters after March polling numbers were leaked to the press last week. The internal numbers showed that at the time, Trump was trailing Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden in key battleground states, NBC reported.

In Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan, Trump was behind Biden by double digits. Even some traditionally red states were in danger, according to the internal polling numbers.

Trump claimed that his internal polling was strong and that he was “winning in every state we’ve polled.” His campaign staff pointed out that the polling numbers were “ancient” and predated the release of the Mueller report that gave Trump’s approval rating a significant bump.

It’s hard to blame Trump for firing the pollsters. Besides the obvious attempt to make Trump seem like his re-election effort is in trouble, he paid for those numbers, and having them available without his release constitutes theft.

Tony Fabrizio, Trump’s campaign pollster, dismissed the data as “incomplete and misleading,” representing a “worst-case scenario in the most unfavorable turnout model possible.” He added that a turnout model similar to 2016 showed Trump as leading.

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