Trump Fired Her… Shock Decision Just Announced

The stunning reason why President Trump fired a high-ranking official just came to light. Liberals are furious, but Trump did the right thing.

It is being reported that former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was ousted after opposing a tough-on-crime plan to combat illegal immigration in major cities across the country.

The plan, which called for a “10-city blitz operation” that included thousands of arrests for violations of the law, however, it was never pursued.

The Daily Mail reported that “the plan was never carried out because Nielsen … did not believe it was well prepared,” but that was a suspicious excuse for at least one compelling reason.

The plan was being pushed by ICE Deputy Director Matthew Albence, along with Trump adviser Stephen Miller, who both have a vested interest in combatting illegal immigration.

It isn’t known why Nielsen would buck a high-ranking ICE official who arguably knows more about illegal immigration than anyone else. Perhaps Nielsen was never actually on board with Trump’s plan.

Read the full story here.

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