Trump Exposes Pelosi – He Got Her

President Trump has turned to Twitter to ask America why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats are living the high life while more than 800,000 other federal workers go without pay due to the government shutdown.

In a Jan. 14 tweet, Trump wrote, “Dems in Puerto Rico as Shutdown hits day 24,” referring to reports that 30 Democrat lawmakers, along with numerous lobbyists and corporate executives, traveled to Puerto Rico to stay at an expensive hotel, watch a Hamilton performance, and enjoy the beach.

On Jan. 15, Trump followed up with, “Why is Nancy Pelosi getting paid when people who are working are not?”

It can be argued that both Democrats and Republicans are getting paychecks, and that the Puerto Rico trip had a legitimate purpose. But Trump’s observations succeed in showing how politicians can be out of touch with the consequences their decisions bring to bear on average Americans.

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