Trump EXPLODES – Drives Reporter To Tears…

CNN anchor Victor Blackwell had an emotional moment on Saturday as he responded on air to Presidet Donald Trump tweets that blasted Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and insulted Baltimore as a “rodent infested mess” where “no human being would want to live.”

Blackwell’s voice broke as he told the audience he grew up in Baltimore. “You know who did, Mr. President? I did,” Blackwell responded. “From the day I was brought home from the hospital to the day I left for college, and a lot of people I care about still do.”

The anchor went on to say that Baltimore has challenges, but that people are proud of their community, where they live and work every day. “They love their children who pledge allegiance to the flag just like people who live in districts of congressmen who support you, sir. They are Americans, too!” Blackwell said.

In regards to the “rodent-infested” comment, Blackwell accused the president of racism for his remark. “He’s insulted thousands of people, many different types of people,” Blackwell said of Trump. “But when he tweets about infestation, it’s about black and brown people.”

With Democrats and the media, it always seems to come down to racism when they don’t like something you said. The word “racist” has become a weapon used to bludgeon people into silence and keep truth from coming to light.

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