Trump Enemy Under Federal Investigation – Facing Years In Prison

A major enemy of President Trump’s is under federal investigation and potentially facing years in prison for his crimes. There’s no way this con artist can escape from what’s coming, even with liberals trying to protect him.

Despite getting off easy in Obama’s hometown of Chicago for allegedly setting up his own assault and blaming it on Trump supporters, disgraced actor Jussie Smollett is still under investigation by the FBI for possible mail fraud.

Rob Elgas, a reporter with Chicago’s ABC affiliate, tweeted about the recent news conference with the city’s police about Smollett’s charges being dropped. Elgas wrote that it’s “noteworthy” to mention Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s words.

He said, Elgas continued, that “Smollett was responsible for the threat letter sent to Fox studios in Chicago. That’s an FBI case still on going.” Fox News has reached out to the FBI and the agency would not confirm at this time, however, this seems to be typical FBI policy.

The Fox News reporter noted: “Chicago police allege…when that letter didn’t get enough traction or enough attention, he decided to carry out with this alleged hoax.”  If so, then Smollett is likely not out of hot water just yet. Justice may still be served.

“If the FBI determines that Jussie Smollett did send that letter to himself, he faces a charge of mail fraud, which is pretty substantial. Five to ten years in prison. Chicago police did tell us all along that the FBI is investigating that letter,” said the reporter.

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