Trump Enemy RESIGNS Suddenly – Caught Red-Handed

An enemy of President Trump’s just resigned suddenly — she was caught red-handed in a major scandal. Anti-Trump Democrats are furious.

Embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who Trump called out as “unforgivable” after his pro-abortion comments and a racist photo surfaced from medical school, has suffered yet another defeat. One of his top appointees has resigned.

Democratic activist Gail Gordon Donegan gave up her post on the Virginia Council of Women — a position Gov. Northam appointed her to — as outrage grew over her anti-Christian, anti-Catholic statements.

“Abortion is morally indefensible to Catholic priests bcuz it results in fewer children to rape,” Donegan once tweeted. “Dr, lawyer & priest on Titantic [sic]. Doc: save the children! lawyer: f– the children! Priest: Is there time?” read another tweet.

Apparently anti-Trump Democrats really hate Catholics now as well, yet, somehow, Northam found it acceptable to appoint Donegan, as self-described “atheist,” to an influential government position.

Virginia’s Catholic bishops took a stand.  “We expect anyone appointed to a council, board or commission for the Commonwealth to be respectful of all faith groups and civil in his or her public comments,” said Bishop Michael Burbridge.

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