Trump Enemy Resigns Abruptly – Totally Disgraced

An enemy of President Trump’s just resigned abruptly. This loudmouth has left office in total disgrace, and people are stunned. It has made news all over the world.

Sir Kim Darroch — Britain’s ambassador to the United States — has been exposed as an anti-Trump radical after many of his disparaging comments about the president leaked. He has now turned in his resignation as a result.

“The current situation is making it impossible for me to carry out my role as I would like.” wrote Darroch in his resignation letter, and one can see why. The leaks reveal that he called the Trump administration “diplomatically clumsy and inept.”

But that’s not even the worst of it. Several of the alleged memos from Darroch got even more personal. “For a man who has risen to the highest office on the planet, President Trump radiates insecurity,” he said in another comment.

There’s an unspoken rule in politics: If you don’t want your words to be shared, don’t put them in writing. Darroch was prideful to think that his remarks wouldn’t eventually be made public, and he’s paying for it.

However, it is obviously for the better, and Trump had every right to fire back at Darroch. “The wacky Ambassador that the U.K. foisted upon the United States is not someone we are thrilled with, a very stupid guy,” tweeted Trump.

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