Trump Enemy Quits Abruptly – He Destroyed Himself

Rep. Justin Amash has quit on the Republican party. Now he will be stripped of his committee status. The never-Trump Republican has destroyed his career and has no one but himself to blame.

The Washington Examiner has the story:

“Mark Walker, a member of the House GOP leadership team, said Thursday that Michigan Rep. Justin Amash should be stripped of his committee seats now that he is leaving the Republican Party. Amash announced his departure in a Washington Post op-ed Thursday.”

Justin Amash did nothing but damage the Republican party since Trump’s election. Stripping him of his positions only makes sense.

USA Today reports:

“In an op-ed in the Washington Post published on July 4, Amash said that modern politics were “trapped in a partisan death spiral” and announced his resignation from the GOP to become an independent.”

Justin Amash is the only Republican to declare support for impeaching Trump.

Politicians like Amash are in it for themselves only. His support for impeaching Trump is a huge discredit to him. His numbers are crashing, and it is likely he won’t win his seat next election cycle. Good riddance.

Read the full story here.

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