Trump Enemy Hauled Into Court – She’s Furious

The Department of Justice has filed a civil lawsuit against former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman because it says she failed to file a financial disclosure report that was required after President Donald Trump fired her. 

The DOJ alleges Newman was in violation of the Ethics in Government Act for failing to file the document and that she willfully failed to do so. A fine of $50,000 will apply if she is found guilty of the violation.

Newman’s attorney John M. Phillips said the allegations were “untrue” and that Trump was using the DOJ to retaliate against Newman. Phillips also said that the White House had possession of many of the documents needed to file the document and that Newman didn’t get access to them until May.

Newman recorded her firing from the White House and some interactions with Trump while she worked there. She also wrote a tell-all book about working there and spoke about the experience on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Her portrayal of Trump was largely critical and unflattering after being fired, which led him to make unflattering comments about her as well.

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