Trump Enemy Found Guilty – Headed To Prison

A man from Hobart, Indiana apparently hated President Donald Trump enough to threaten his life on Facebook, according to a local Fox affiliate. 20-year-old Steffon Gonzalez pleaded guilty to making the threats and will be sentenced in September.

Gonzalez said on March 28 that he was “standing outside the president’s location with a bullet ‘chambered’ to ‘blow his head off.”‘ Trump was at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan that day, about 145 miles from Hobart.

In reality, Gonzalez was at his home in Hobart watching the rally live when he made the threat against the president. At the time, he was under house arrest for threatening a friend of the family.

Gonzalez also had his girlfriend delete his Facebook account, which could have gotten him 20 years in jail for obstruction. The judge has said his sentence would be more lenient under the plea agreement.

The Secret Service raided his home after a concerned citizen notified authorities about Gonzalez’s posts and found gunpowder and bullets, but no gun at his residence.

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