Trump Enemy Facing 400 Years In Prison…

If Trump critic and lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels Michael Avenatti is convicted on all charges facing him, he could get a total of 400 years in prison, Reuters reported.

New charges were filed against Avenatti for stealing a $300,000 book advance from Daniels and using part of it to buy a Ferrari. He also faces charges of attempting to extort $29 from Nike and dozens of charges of theft and lying to banks and the IRS in California.

If Avenatti is found guilty of all charges against him, the maximum prison term is 400 years. It will be interesting to see whether any convictions result from the charges and how much prison time Avenatti actually gets if his is convicted.

Just a few months ago, Avenatti was being asked by some Democrats to run for president in 2020 and was getting large amounts of favorable press as he represented Stormy Daniels in a suit against the president. That suit was later thrown out of court for lack of evidence.

Avenatti denies any wrongdoing in any of the three cases. Of the most recent charges regarding the book advance, Avenatti claims that Daniels received “millions” in legal services and paid only $100 directly to him in fees.

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