Trump Enemy Defeated – It’s Over, Finished…

A major enemy of President Trump’s was just defeated. The fight was brutal, and now it’s finally over.

Google has barred Chinese tech giant and smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, from accessing key components of the Android operating system after Trump signed an executive order addressing national security.

The executive order is part of Trump’s plan to confront the risk posed by cyber-hacking and intellectual property theft, particularly coming from China. Huawei is the world’s second-largest maker of smartphones.

In short, the company is now severely limited in how it does business in the United States, with all “future versions of Huawei devices” losing “access to Google technical support and software.” It’s effectively a ban.

Trump’s executive order also serves as a tool to continue putting pressure on the Chinese to modernize their trade practices. By using Huawei as leverage and hitting them in the pocketbook, perhaps they’ll listen.

Trump sounded the alarm on Huawei last month and tweeted, “Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei hires former Obama Cyber Security Official as a lobbyist. This is not good, or acceptable!”

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