Trump Enemy Collapses – Millions Are In Shock

ISIS has collapsed — and a new Reuters timeline reveals that much of the Islamic State’s losses coincided with President Trump’s tenure as Commander-in-Chief.

During the Obama administration, critics accused the White House of not doing enough to counter ISIS’ expanding power, as radical Islamist forces brutally massacred Iraqi Christians, including men, women and children.

As the U.S. took a more aggressive posture under President Trump, however, ISIS suffered a rapid deterioration.

2017 – Islamic State suffers a year of catastrophic defeats… 2018 – The Syrian government retakes IS enclaves in Yarmouk, south of Damascus… 2019 – IS is besieged in its last enclave on the Euphrates at the village of Baghouz.

While the credit that President Trump has asserted for himself for victories against ISIS may overestimate his role and undervalue that of his predecessor, his commitment to eradicating the Islamist State will be remembered as a crucial factor in hastening its near total annihilation.

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