Trump Enemy Arrested On Camera, Led Away In Handcuffs

An avowed enemy of President Trump and conservatives was just arrested on camera and led away in handcuffs. She can’t escape now — the video is going viral.

On the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill, a young feminist found out that you cannot steal property without consequences. The exchange between with arresting officer is priceless.

The woman, who isn’t named in the video, tries to explain her reasoning for stealing a pro-life sign, and the police officer isn’t having any of it. He even tries to share some life lessons, but they don’t seem to take.

The officer asked, “Why’d you rip it out of his hands?” To which the feminist laughably responded, “Because this restricts women’s rights.”

Apparently, according to her, a protest sign — which is protected by the First Amendment — can restrict rights, but her committing theft of someone else’s property is acceptable. Ironic.

“You can ignore them,” the officer told her. “They have a right to be here.” But she simply said “I cannot believe this is happening” as she was cuffed and removed from the area.

See the full story here.

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