Trump Enemy ARRESTED – Hauled Off In Handcuffs [ALERT]

An enemy of President Trump’s was just arrested. Police tracked him down after a stunning report, and he was hauled in handcuffs. Another Democrat is in deep trouble.

State Representative Dan Forestal — who was elected in 2012 to represent District 100 in Indiana’s House of Representatives — stands accused of driving drunk and impersonating a police officer. The details get even worse.

According to reports, Forestal, 36, used his Fire Department badge and brandished it quickly to give the impression he was a police officer; he showed up at a couple’s home and tried this tactic to find “people selling drugs.”

Resident James McGuire said, “First he wasn’t really trying to show a badge like a normal person. It was one of those quick flash and try and take away. He didn’t introduce himself by any name.”

The other resident, Sheila Fennell, said that she was put off by “the way he approached us.” She emphasized that she’s never “had an officer ever approach me like that,” which set off warning signs.

Forestal was arrested outside of the couple’s home after briefly resisting, and he has since been suspended from his job with the Indianapolis Fire Department. His first court hearing was on Aug. 27.

Read the full story here.

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