Trump DID IT – News We’ve All Been Waiting For…

President Trump continues to disrupt the narrative established by the partisan mainstream media. Despite media rumblings about Trump’s unpopularity with sports fans, Trump was loudly welcomed at the Alabama-LSU college football game.

Chants of “USA!” broke out in the stands as well as “Roll Trump Roll!”

The welcome stands in contrast to the negative reception at the World Series game between the Nationals and Astros. The media has asserted Trump is reviled nationwide when the truth is a lot simpler.

Trump will obviously be less welcome in more liberal areas, and more welcome in conservative areas.

Regardless to get such a positive response at a huge sporting event made up of young people at a college football game certainly is encouraging for Trump.

What is important is that once again the partisan mainstream media is wrong about what most Americans think. Trump is helping the middle class and they know it.

Read the full story here.

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