Trump Did It – Immediate Launch Ordered

Trump’s DOJ has launched an anti-trust probe into giant tech companies, investigating whether they violate anti-trust laws. No specific companies were named, but experts expect the main players to be Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon.

“I am for vigorous enforcement of our antitrust laws in order to preserve competition, and — as I said — this is going to be an area I’m going to want to get into,” Barr said. “The thing I’m concerned about are the network effects that are now at work…they’re so powerful that particular sectors could essentially be subsumed into these networks…they are just very powerful network effects because of their size.”

While social media and tech companies are not government entities, they can be subject to anti-trust laws if they become too large or swallow up smaller companies too rapidly. The DOJ may be looking for a solution to too many conservative voices being silenced by certain social media sites for political reasons.

The tech and social media companies deny any political motive for their actions, but say they are trying to be responsible for removing vulgar and offensive posts from their sites. Conservatives have found numerous examples of times when a double standard seemed to exist, however.

Conservatives are worried that tech giants are cracking down in order to influence the 2020 election cycle.

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