BREAKING: Trump Decision REVERSED – He’s Headed Back To…

Elon Musk has said that he is going to reverse the ban on Donald Trump’s account as soon as he takes over Twitter.

Despite Trump previously saying that he’s never going back to the platform, Musk wants the world to know that he’s going to correct one of the worst injustices in recent memory.

Liberals want us to think that the sitting President being kicked off of a public forum is no big deal, but it was actually one of the most dangerous things in American history.

Here we had the President of America, who was doing the 2020 equivalent of crying in the town square during Paul Revere’s days.

You don’t go down to Main Street and yell your message anymore, they’d lock you up if you tried such a thing.

Instead, these days, free speech happens in whatever public forum you can get it.

To remove THE PRESIDENT from those forums is simply unacceptable.

Even though Trump has said he isn’t going back to Twitter, it appears as though his account will still be unbanned. Musk has said he’s going to reserve permanent bans for accounts that represent pure spam or bots.

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