Trump Confesses – The Microphone Was Hot

Since being sworn in over two years ago, President Trump has weathered major political and personal storms fighting for America. What he just confessed proves it.

Commenting on his fight against the DC swamp for border wall funding, he said, “I never did politics before. Now I do politics. I will tell you I’m very disappointed at certain people […] for not having pushed this faster, but I’ve learned.”

Trump’s statement was made from the White House Rose Garden as he fielded questions from the press, where he also mentioned the “disappointment” he experienced for about a year and a half. “People that should have stepped up didn’t step up. They didn’t step up and they should have,” Trump said.

However, now that Trump has learned how to navigate the political traps in Washington, you can almost imagine career politicians and lobbyists cowering in a corner on Capitol Hill. His hard-nosed negotiating on border security and other issues shows he’s caught on to their games.

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